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Release your body's tension, neuromuscular discord, automatic movement patterns, PTSD, stress and injuries.
Transform unconscious movement into functional movement. You will enhance your mobility, stability and postural integrity.

Optimize your breath, movement and energy. You will walk away emotionally and energetically empowered.
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Hi! I am Jelena!
I blend my experience as long-time yoga teacher and manual osteopath into an evolutionary practice called Pranacore. First created to heal yoga-related injuries, Pranacore blends therapeutics and yoga to optimize your movement with breath so you can generate more vital energy.

I offer yoga teacher mentoring, exclusive Pranacore classes and 1-on-1 therapeutics in Tulum or online.
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Graham Macdonald
Environmental Engineer - Vancouver
I met Jelena while taking her Pranacore yoga classes at a yoga studio in Tulum. I have a body that has a few different physical characteristics so I usually speak to the yoga teacher before the class to make them aware. It was clear from the moment I spoke to her that she was a true professional - she had intimate knowledge of her practice and how the body functions. The Pranacore yoga class she has designed as well was amazing - perfect for bodies that can't do extreme yoga positions - but it built muscle and functional movement all while working up a good sweat. It is a great routine.

As a result of our sessions, I was able to build strength in areas I never had before and I learned all about the importance of core strength and functional movement and have been able to build them into my life.
Caleb Moore
Yoga Teacher, Activist - Colorado
Jelena is magic. I came to her with mulitiple issues in my knees, back, hips, ribs, and neck. My knees were in a lot of pain due to misaligned hips, my left ribs felt like they were colliding with my left hips, and my back and neck were rock solid with tension.

She used osteopathy techniques as well as breath-work, massage, and energy techniques to not only alleviate my pain and discomfort, but also to give me tools to help with my problems more long term.

She is incredibly knowledgable, friendly, and funny! I felt very comfortable and really felt like she took the time to understand my body and give me the treatment that I needed, rather than just a generic "one size fits all" treatment. Thank you so much, Jelena!
Jeffrey Pease
Marketing Business Coach - NYC
While you can certainly go to Jelena for a plain old therapeutic massage or as an alternative to Chiropractic, it's her integration of Osteopathy and breath work with massage that really goes deep. On her massage table, she took me through specific breath work and small muscular movements that magnified the effect of her manipulations. This integration then started to unlock chronic patterns and bring life into areas of my body I barely knew were frozen.

You'll love Jelena's work if you like massage but wish the effect was deeper and more lasting, or if you like Chiropractic or Osteopathic treatment but wish the sessions were longer and included massage to help the body adjust and unwind.
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